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About Me

I'm a Full Stack Data Scientist from London and work in the financial sector. My love for data began in 2016 and I feel so privileged to be part of this community. I love contributing to open source projects in my spare time and also experimenting with new techniques and tools. On this website you will find a few practical blogs/tutorials I have written for a range of topics including Machine Learning (ML) Techniques for a range of use cases, Cloud services, Python and other tooling/packages which I have found handy in the ML software development lifecycle.

Prior to this a.k.a in my previous life, I was working in the healthcare sector as a physicist, carrying out quality control, image/data analysis and research associated with radiation and imaging technology.

Outside of work, I like gaming on my PS5 and comp - some of my favourites being CyberPunk, SniperElite5, Zombie Army 4 and Watch Dogs:Legion.


  • Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group, 2018 - present
  • Data Scientist, Manta Ray Media, 2017-2018
  • Research Scientist, NPL, 2015
  • Medical Physicist, NHS, 2010-2015


I am currently prepping for the AWS Developer Associate, Neo4j Data Science and GCP MLE certifications and hoping to achieve these by the end of 2022.

Tech Stack

  • Machine Learning and Big Data - Python, Tensorflow, Jupyter, Spark(pyspark)

  • Cloud - AWS (mainly serverless, ETL and ML services)

  • Database and ETL - SQL(SQLServer, PostgreSQL), SSIS

  • DevOps - Docker, Airflow, Bash, Jenkins, Git, GitHub Actions, CircleCI

  • Data Viz - Python, Tableau, JavaScript(very rusty)

Achievements/Voluntary Work

Open Source

I have made several successful pull requests to the following renowned open source python projects.

AWS Community Builders Program

I have been selected to take part in the very competitive global year long AWS Community Builders Program in 2022.


I like attending the following conferences when I get the chance.

  • Pydata UK and Global
  • PyCon UK
  • AWS Innovate (AI/ML Edition)
  • AWS Summit London
  • ODSC
  • Databricks Data and AI Summit
  • Data Science Festival


  • MSc Data Science, City University London 2016-2018
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering with Medical Physics, Imperial College London 2008-2009
  • BSc Natural Sciences, UCL 2005-2008