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My Experience at PyCon UK and Presenting my Poster

Last month, I attended PyCon UK from 15 to 19th Sep at Cardiff City Hall. I also had my proposal accepted for presenting a couple of posters on Twitter Analytics and Explainable AI. The work on Twitter Analytics was part of my Msc project which I had been working on, in collaboration with the company I was working at. I was in between jobs and thought it would be a good idea to attend a conference and present some of the work, I had done over the past year. I also lucky enough to get some funding for travel and accommodation through the PyCon financial assistance programme. In addition, all attendees who have a proposal accepted, get a free ticket to attend the conference.

The venue was very nice - an old town hall with different halls for different sessions of the conference. There were a number of parallel tracks on all things python, including workshops - which I attended on Spark in Databricks and test driven development (TDD) in python with pytest.

I was allocated a slot for the poster session. Feedback was generally good, with some interesting discussions during the session and useful questions afterwards. The link to a notebook with the results presented in one of my posters using python’s lime package can be found in this notebook I will be adding a separate detailed blog about the work on twitter analytics, including the data visualisation i had built in D3.

The final day was mainly sprint sessions - where people were contributing to open source libraries or creating useful material for the community in small groups. I spent an hour or so in a group creating simple python examples demonstrating things like string formatting, expression functions, using zip() function with iterators etc

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